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Corporate Event Chair Massage The Chair Massage Company is the largest provider of workplace, meeting and event based Onsite chair massage and chair massage therapy in the United States.

Onsite Chair Massage is a great incentive and added value to have in your office or at your event, convention, trade show or association meeting. These settings are optimum for 5 – 15 minute bodywork sessions and on-site chair massage is a cost-effective addition to your company benefits package with superb ROI (return on investment).

Whether it is a retail store, construction site, corporate office, a stadium sporting event, a pharmacy, company picnic or bank promotion, we are prepared for any size account. Whether it’s 1, 7, 77, 777, 7,000, or 70,000 individuals, no company or event is too small or big for this Chair massage therapy. We will customize our service to fit seamlessly with your events anywhere in the continental United States and Hawaii.

We also have a professional speakers’ bureau offering experts and trainers to help your organization achieve peak performance.

We have provided OnSite Chair Massage, and chair massage therapy for companies, events and meetings, both large and small, including such influential and diverse venues as:

  • New York Society of Association Executives
  • The NY, L.A. and Chicago Real Estate Wealth Expos with Donald Trump, Robert Kyosaki and George Foreman.
  • The National Convention of the National Speaker’s Association
  • The National Boat Show at the Javits Center in NYC

Employees and customers are more effective, productive and happier after an Onsite Chair Massage visit from The Chair Massage Company!

Great for the Holidays! You can purchase a gift certificate for an employee, vendor or client. Give the no-stress gift of massage. Call or email us today.

We are the largest network of Chair Massage Therapists in the United States.

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National Chair Massage Company
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