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A Popular Mobile Chair Massage Company in New York City talks about On-site Seated Massage, and Eugene T. Gendlin 


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One of the experiences that many touch/somatics practitioners work with to help there clients is by helping them develop their ability to access a nonverbal, bodily feel. This is a sixth sense that is distinct from smell, taste, touch, hearing and seeing. This intuitive body-feel was name the  “felt sense” by the Austrian-American philosopher Eugene T. Gendlin ( December 25,  1926 – May, 1 May 2017). Genlin developed ways of thinking about and working with living process, the bodily felt sense and the ‘philosophy of the implicit’. A student Carl Rogers, a pioneer in the development of humanistic psychology( and the founder of client-centered therapy). Gendlin’s theories impacted Rogers’ own beliefs and played a role in Rogers’ view of psychotherapy.

Gendlin is best known for Focusing and for Thinking at the Edge, two procedures for thinking with more than patterns and concepts. In the 1950s and 60s, under the guidance of Rogers, Gendlin did seminal research demonstrating that a client’s ability to realize lasting positive change in psychotherapy depended on their ability to access a nonverbal, bodily feel of the issues that brought them into therapy. Gendlin called this intuitive body-feel the “felt sense.” Realizing that people could learn this life-altering inner skill on their own, in 1978 Gendlin published his best-selling book Focusing, which presented a six step method for discovering one’s felt sense and drawing on it for personal development. Gendlin founded The Focusing Institute in 1985 (now the International Focusing Institute) to facilitate training and education in Focusing for academic and professional communities and to share the practice with the public.


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Gendlin produced the in-house journal of the Focusing Institute called the Folio, and is the author of a number of books, including Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy: A Manual of the Experiential Method (Guilford). The mass-market edition of his popular classic Focusing has been translated into 17 languages and sold more than a half million copies.

Because human beings are in an ongoing interaction with the world (they breathe, eat, and interact with others in every context and in any field in which they work), their bodies are a “knowing” which is more than conceptual and which implies further steps. Thus, it is possible for one to drive a car while carrying on an animated conversation; and it is possible for Einstein to say that he had a “feel” for his theory years before he could formulate it.

Human beings’ ongoing interaction with the world provides ongoing validity. Each move, from pumping blood to discussing philosophy, implies a next step, an organic carrying forward. Humans feel this carrying forward both in the move itself and in the feedback it generates: at each moment, it is possible to feel how things are moving and what is implied next. With specific training, one can learn to attend to this feeling more deeply, so that a holistic felt sense of the whole situation can form. One of my student’s asked how is a felt sense any different than a feeling?

felt sense is quite different from “feeling” in the sense of emotions; it is one’s bodily awareness of the ongoing life process. Because a felt sense is a living interaction in the world, it is not relative in the way that concepts are. A felt sense is more ordered than concepts and has its own properties, different from those of logic; for example, it is very precise, more intricate, and can be conceptualized in a variety of non-arbitrary ways. Much of Gendlin’s philosophy is concerned with showing how this implicit bodily knowing functions in relation to logic. For example, Gendlin has found that when the felt sense is allowed to function in relation to concepts, each carries the other forward, through steps of deeper feel and new formulation.


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