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Acupressure and NYC Corporate Chair Massage

One key warning sign for structural imbalances is stiffness.  Stiffness in the body is the body speaking to you.  It is saying that” I am confined. I have a limitation of movement.  Free me!” Stiffness creates and is also a reflection of abnormal pressure on the circulation, lymph nodes and nerves.  When the flow of vital fluids is limited to the functioning of the skeletal system and internal organs are also abnormally affected.

To relieve pain in any part of the head, neck or lower back:

  1. Apply the Rhythmic Pressure Point Technique on the back of the head where the neck meets the occipital bone. The Occipital bone is has a strong reflex to the sacrum and thus the lower back. This is based on the concept of Polarity Similars and must be done by a partner:
  2. Cradle your partner’ head in the palms of your hands, with the tips of the fingers at the base of the skull.
  3. Apply General Rhythmic Pressure on the knotty areas where the head and neck meet, using the three middle fingers on each hand.
  4. The procedure starts by simultaneously pressing the index finger of each hand bi-laterally on the area.
  5. Press down on the points for the count of ten.
  6. Move the pressure to the middle finger and finally the ring finger.
  7. Repeat the process six times.
  8. When you finish applying Rhythmic Pressure, cradle your partner’s head for about two or three minutes.
  9. This will have a very relaxing and soothing effect, which in some cases makes one feel as if the entire body is being cradled.
  10. Use Increasing Joint Motion to rotate your partner’s head six times in each direction.
  11. Lower your partner’s head and apply Circular Rhythmic Pressure at the back of the head around the base of the skull.

#1 corporate chair massage. Great for Javit’s Center trade shows

Teach your client to relieve headaches in the temple area or on the sides of the head. Tell your client to:

  1. Apply the Rhythmic Pressure Technique on both sides of the head immediately above the temples.
  2. First, hold your head in your hands with the base of the palms placed just above the temples and the tips of the fingers meeting on the center line of the crown.
  3. Apply Rhythmic Pressure Point Massage with your palms; hold the pressure for the count of ten.
  4. Repeat six times. When you have finished applying Rhythmic Pressure, continue to hold the head gently in your hands for about two or three minutes.


Teach your client to relieve facial tensions and relax the temporal-mandibular joint. Tell them:

  1. Open your jaw as wide as possible.
  2. Slowly close it.  Repeat this action six times.
  3. Slowly move your jaw from side to side six times in each from right to left and back..
  4. Tense all your facial muscles, squint your eyes and pucker your lips.
  5. Hold as tightly as you can for the count of six and then release and slowly relax.

These are effective exercises to use whenever you feel your facial muscles getting tense.  Doing one of these exercises at least four times daily keep your facial muscles toned and keep your TMJ relaxed.


Note: Unless it is absolutely necessary to avoid dental braces., many orthodontic researchers have traced some TMJ problems to dental braces. Chair massage can help. Also They recommend that braces be used only when necessary for dental health.  If you are planning to use them solely for cosmetic purposes, you should first consult with a dentist who is well trained in TMJ work, cranial manipulation, and the long-term effects of dental braces.






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