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Aromatherapy and #1 Chair Massage for Company Picnics

Events Chair Massage is the outreach program of the Catskills Bed & Breakfast and Peak Performance Retreat Center in Stamford NY. We offer aromatherapy chair massage for small and large organizations throughout the United States and to many conventions and trade shows at the Javits center in NYC as well as in Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Often my clients ask how chair massage and aromatherapy work together, especially at company picnics?

Here is a short introduction.

Olfactory neurons are unique among most brain cells. Other nerve cells cannot regenerate but when olfactory neurons die they are replaced by fresh cells. Scientists are studying this phenomenon since this may produce information important to the study of brain and spinal cord injuries.  How, they ask, can aroma recognizing cells accomplish what eludes the neurons of the spinal cord or neocortex.

One of the key connections between smell and emotional response lies with tissues in the brain called the olfactory bulbs. Some of their nerve axons extend directly into the limbic system of the brain, the seat of drive, sexuality and the emotions. We are conscious of what we smell faster than what we see or hear.  This is because odor information moves from nose to olfactory bulbs to limbic system, more directly than the route taken by sights and sounds. But this is where synergy and holism come into play.

Aromatherapy as a therapeutic tool, like music, and color therapy are less powerful tools as we age, for almost invariably we suffer a declinein our sense of small, hearing and sight.  Concerning our sense of smell, this may be why we develop a taste for spicy foods as we age.  Research shows that spicy food not only stimulates odor receptors (as all food does), by moving from the back of the throat up to the olfactory epithelium but it also stimulates the trigeminal nerve, which controls the muscles of the face and jaw. This tingly sensation, often called a chemesthetic component is independent of taste and smell, and is experienced when eating anything from wasabi (the Japanese horseradish served with sushi), to cayenne pepper, alcohol, and menthol in cough drops.

How an individual reacts to a specific aroma is to a large part cultural, and age related. What is pleasant to one person may be unpleasant to another. There are few smells that people universally find to be pleasant or unpleasant.  Even a person’s career or hobby can influence how they react to a particular smell. For example most of us find the sweet aroma of most fresh cut flowers to be extremely pleasant however this may not be the case for a person employed in the funeral business. They may associate this odor with death and decay.  For some people smell is a biochemical response and for others it is cultural. Whichever the case may be aromas is a powerful healer for emotional trauma and depression especially in high stress corporate environment where human resource directors are always seeking new approach to stress management.


  The Best  New York Chair Massage Company – wwweventschairmassage.com  was the official  VIP Onsite Chair Massage Provider for the  Learning  Annex Real Estate Wealth Expos” between 2005 – 2009. At these events we gave chair massage sessions to  thousands of attendees in nine cities who came to hear Tony Robbins, George Foreman, Robert Kyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad), Barbara Corcoran (NBS’s “Shark Tank” and other speakers.”



What our clients say about us.

“They are amazing…. I recommend them to anyone who wants less stress and more energy.”

Jack Canfield Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul


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He is the author of over twenty-two books published in five languages.


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Today’s stress management blog is presented  by a grant from Events  Chair Massage –www.EventschairMasssage.com –  a company that offers Corporate Chair Massage and Stress Management Services to meeting planner, event planners, party planners and HR for Trade show booths throughout the United States.


Below is a chair massage demo that shows techniques our corporate chair massage therapists use to massage their clients’ upper back, shoulders, and neck — using elbows and forearms, with minimal use of the thumbs.