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Corporate Chair Massage for Ankle and Foot Pain


The Corporate Chair Massage Company of NY – www.eventschairmassage.com – offers many mobile massage services. This is invaluable for people suffering from foot or ankle pain.

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Causes of imbalance in the ankles and feet:

– A rotated pelvis. This may result in fallen arches.

– Poorly fitted or specifically pointed shoes.  These may cause the ligaments to shorten, the joint capsules to contract, adhesions to form where they should not be, and an increasingly rigid longitudinal arch that can affect the structural balance of the entire body.  More often than not, misshaped toes are due to poor shoe choice over the years.

-Standing on your feet for extended periods of time.

-Tightness of inner-thigh and lower-back muscles may result in fallen arches, although in many cases, fallen arches are congenital.

–  High insteps.  This places the body’s center of gravity in the wrong place, and can cause extensive postural problems.

-Compression of the nerve against the thighbone, crossing the legs, and wearing high heels can contribute to a condition known as “dropped foot.”  This is an abnormal extension, or movement of the top of the foot away from the shinbone.  When a person is wearing high heels, the foot is in a state of abnormal extension (or plantar flexion).

– Poor posture when walking.



Techniques for relieving ankle and foot imbalances:

To heal injured feet.

1. Tap the bottom of the feet with fingertips in a very rapid motion.  This has a toneing effect.  (See chart on foot reflexology, page ?.)

2.  The Increasing Joint Motion Technique on feet.  Rotate each foot twelve times clockwise and counterclockwise.

3. Muscle Hug the feet and the calves.

4. Use light Pressure Point Massage along the outsides of the feet.

5. Flex the foot three times towards the shinbone and three times downward (away from shinbone).

6. Soak the ankles and feet in warm water with Epsom salts or sea salt.

7. Apply Polarity Similar Contacts on ankles and wrists; toes and fingers.

8. the Increasing Joint Motion Technique on  toes.  Grasp the tip of each toe and rotate clockwise three times and counter clockwise three times.

9. Twice a day, elevate the feet for five to ten minutes.

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To help correct a sprained Ankle, after first aid has been applied:

1. After the sprain, apply an ice bag or a cold-water compress.  Apply ice for 15 minutes of every hour. Resting the area in between these periods. Continue for twenty-four hours.

2. After twenty four hours, while in a sitting position move the joint through it’s normal range of motion.  Use only up-and-down movements in the beginning. lift your sprained ankle from the floor about twelve inches and then slowly point your toe down and then up.  Proceed through this movement six times.  Repeat several times a day.   After this, you can begin to do a circular range of motion.

3. Whenever possible revitalize the area by elevating the foot. 

4. Twenty-four hours after the sprain soak your foot in a warm solution of Epsom salts.

5. When the pain and swelling begin to subside, apply circular Pressure Point Massage to the entire area around the ankle.

6. After two or three days, while standing, lift the right heel slowly and shift the weight to the left foot.  Then slowly lift your right heel and shift your weight to the right foot while lowering it to the floor.  Keep your toes on the floor at all times.  Repeat six times for each foot.






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