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Important Enlightenment 101 Retreat this Weekend.

ENLIGHTENMENT 101 – A Wilderness Retreat  Exploring Enlightenment in the Adirondacks

Are you interested in Enlightenment, Transcendence and Higher States of Consciousness?
Other conferences offers Success, here is offered the Ultimate Quest … Infinity, Oneness and Bliss.
We will explore various Pathways to Enlightenment from our own experiences such as – Nature, Solitude, Wilderness, Meditation, Contemplation, Consciousness, Connections, Kindness, Compassion, Love, Beauty, Knowledge, Science, Philosophy, Psychology, Art, Dance, Music, Nothingness, Revelation,, Limbic Resonance,  Quantum Reality, Cosmic Consciousness and more to be discovered ….., ….., …..,

– Program – We will be using the “White-Space” format, with all of us being Participant/ Facilitators/ Novices (no Leaders or Gurus), sharing our own personal journey of Enlightenment via – talks, video, exercises and practices. So bring your ideas, insights and practices to share and enlighten us all.

– Cost – $250 for the entire weekend – Room, Food and Conference: Food $40, Room $75 – $37.50 per person, with private bath plus linens at $25 (two in a room – additional $37.50 for a single room), Facility charges $10 and Registration for about $125 a day. Bring your own sheets (twin) and towels and reduce the cost by $25 to $225 for the weekend. Commuter rate of $75 per day (food $40 + facility charge $10 + registration $25) or $150 for the weekend. Make room reservations with Josh Clemens around July 15th at 518.327.6259 at Paul Smith College jclemens2000@paulsmiths.edu  Free camping is also available nearby (contact Josh).

– Dates – Weekend of Friday August 2nd to Sunday the 4th, 2019.  You could come earlier (July 31) and/or stay later (Aug 7th) and make it an Adirondack vacation at $37.50 per Room + $40 for Food (each meal can be bought separately). There are plays at the Saranac Pendragon Theater for a Sunday matinee, following the conference.

– Location – We will meet in the Adirondacks at Paul Smith College near Saranac Lake, a 20 minute drive away and Lake Placid an hour away. (information and pictures at www.paulsmiths.edu).

– Facilities – We will have an electronic class room (Projector, Internet access), Library, Lounge area, canoe rentals, swimming area, hiking trails and most important …“Wilderness”.

– Schedule – Morning sessions, afternoon sessions or free time and evening sessions and Party (Bring wine).

– Activities – Learning, Swimming, Hiking, Canoeing, Solitude, Communing and Nature Walks at the Paul Smith free Visitor Interpreter Center (VIC). https://www.adirondackvic.org

– Transportation – Bus directly from NYC to Paul Smith (Trailways 9:45 am – 6:20 pm $76/$73 Senior, return 10:35 am – 7:15 pm), Adirondack Regional Airport (Cape Air- Boston) and taxi to Paul Smith. Car Pool might be possible – If you are driving and would like to take others or need a ride, let us know.

– Registration – We have limited space and expect about 10 to 20 people, if you would like to reserve a spot, send a check for $50 registration fee (refundable) per person to Andre de Zanger6253 Allard Rd. Henderson NY 13650. We are running the Weekend at Cost with No Profit.

– Contact – Andre and Judy de Zanger 212.289.8856 / 315.846.5516 (summer) email creativityinstitute@juno.com