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Healing through touch is a merging of creative expression and the power that comes from the desire to serve. This power from the perspective of Western-based massage is a reflection of Chi. This is an approach used by the corporate chair massage therapists at www.eventschairmassage.com


Benefits of structural bodywork:

  1. Improvement of body alignment (posture and balance)
  2. Increased circulation
  3. Pain reduction
  4. Increased sensory awareness
  5. Reduced stress
  6. Increased flexibility of the joints
  7. Reducing muscular tension to prevent structural problems
  8. Improving nutrient flow to the bones
  9. Promoting elimination of waste:
  10. Relaxing muscle spasms and relieving tension.
  11. Improving blood supply to muscles
  12. Removal of waste from muscles, especially lactic acid.
  13. Toning flaccid muscles, compensating for inactivity
  14. Increasing strength and flexibility of joints.
  15. Preventing or eliminating muscle adhesions from injuries.

Note: As you practice advanced structured bodywork techniques it is easy to become so focused on the specifics of technique that compassion and intuition get lost in the process.  Always balance knowledge with an expression of the heart through compassion.

Our group the Best NYC Massage Company

( www.eventschairmassage.com )  also uses aromatherapy to deal with emotional stress on the job.

    The New York  Chair Massage Company was  the official Onsite Chair Massage Provider for the  Learning  Annex Real Estate Wealth Expos” between 2005 – 2009. At these events we gave chair massage sessions to  thousands of attendees in nine cities who came to hear Tony Robbins, George Foreman, Robert Kyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad), Barbara Corcoran (NBS’s “Shark Tank” and other speakers.”

                         Lewis Harrison, LMT – Director



What our clients say about us.

“They are amazing…. I recommend them to anyone who wants less stress and more energy.”

Jack Canfield Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul


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