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Pressure Point Therapy and the Best #1 NYC Corporate Chair Massage

In order to properly apply certain Bodywork Techniques, it is helpful to understand muscle physiology.  The primary function of all muscle is contraction.  As muscle tissue contracts it also broadens.  Often when there is inflammation or injury this broadening quality is resisted by the body.  This resistance and limitation may result from adhesions that have formed between individual muscle fibers with resulting restriction of movement.  The goal of Bodywork then is twofold.

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1) To separate the adhesions between individual muscle fibers which will then increase muscle mobility.

2) To make sure that the muscle is adequately used after treatment so that full healing will take place and adhesions will not reform.


The Goals of Hands-on Healing

Whether an imbalance or injury acute or chronic in nature. the application of massage techniques is essentially the same; namely to

  1. Balance the energetic distortion in the vibration body and the ChakrasÕ \
  2. Prevent the continued adherence of unwanted fibrous tissue

Many therapists will recommend stretching or Hatha Yoga as a means to stretch a muscle.  This is not effective and may be counterproductive since the goal is breaking adhesions and scar tissue down and neither of these approaches are appropriate.   The fact is that when you practice stretching exercises muscle fibers do not separate apart but rather are brought closer together.  Rather then stretching a muscle, the most efficient way to break down these adhesions is by forcibly broadening the muscle out.   Deep Pressure Point Massage, and The Gravity Rocking and Muscle Kneading Techniques are able to broaden the muscle in ways that stretching exercises and movement cannot achieve.   After the session is successfully completed the area of adhesion or lesion will allow full, painless range of motion.  To prevent the injury from recurring your partner should avoid putting great strain or resistance on the injured tissue.  The best approach to completion of the healing process is rest of the injured area and continual Joint Motion movement in a non-weight bearing position.


The Sequence For Applying Hands-on Healing Techniques

There are two primary goals in giving a massage

1) to work on the right spot

2) to properly apply the manipulation.


This is not as simple as it all sounds for many structural injuries consist primarily of referred pain.  Referred pain is pain that is reflected from a place other than where the pain is actually being felt.  Often this pain does not correspond to the point of lesion.  It is important on a purely structural level to apply all contacts to the point of actual lesion not just in an area around the painful spot. Often Circular Pressure Point Massage and Deep Pressure Point Massage may be applied to the site of pain with no beneficial results.  It is only an area of referred pain that has received the work, it is not the actual lesion area.


Step 1

Place the entire system (emotional, physical etc.), especially the injured area in relaxed state as possible.  This may be done with The Chi Balancing, Muscle Hug and Polarity Similar Techniques.


Step 2

Apply direct action to the area of injury.  This may involve applying The Pressure Point Massage Technique and Increasing Joint Motion to the affected joint.  At this time it is best to avoid applying Muscle Kneading or any deep manipulation to the injured area. It is better to massage unaffected muscles or tissue.  When contraction of a muscle pulls on a painful scar within itself or on an associated tendon it can aggravate the inflammation.





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