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Teacher Appreciation Week and The #1 Rated Mobile NYC Chair Massage Program talks about Therapeutic Movement

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Therapeutic Movement is More Than Exercise

When people think of exercise they often refer to building muscles or increasing muscle tone. Though we generally think about the outer muscles of the body it is important to keep in mind that there are muscles throughout the body that cannot be strengthened or stretched simply by performing typical exercise.

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Structured body movement has been recognized for centuries as essential for good physical and spiritual well being. Cultures throughout time and as diverse as Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Indians, and Chinese have used techniques designed to enhance not just physical but moral and emotional development.   Effective movement usually involves self-propelled movement or resistance by the muscles to a fixed point (as in isometrics).  In the process of massage there is no self-propelled movement. All movement is carried out by the therapist; without resistance or assistance of the patient.


Energy based bodywork bridges exercise and massage in that the client becomes more involved with their own healing through guided movements that are integrated into the bodywork session. In the end the goal remains the same: to balance the vibration and energy centers, increase circulation, joint range of movement and create a greater sense of wholeness and well-being.  Massage, energy healing, guided movement and exercise go hand in hand. Though healing touch can relieve tension and pain, guided movement combined with effective breathing can do the same.


Part of the amazing balance between touch and movement is that healing touch can even relieve the soreness and tightness that can result from exercise, just as proper movement enhances the effect of massage by improving muscle tone circulation, and posture.  Even the best massages, given frequently and consistently, cannot substitute for proper movement, integrated breathing and the healing touch.


Exercise and movement reeducation, are not luxuries when it comes to being healthy. You require exercise in order to function at your best.  Most people assume that exercise involves stretching, aerobics and strength building. In healing touch and chi based massage exercise and movement are as much part of the movement of consciousness as it is movement of the body.


Are your clients exercise deficient? Use the following checklist to see. Do they:

  • Suffer frequent headaches?
  • Have difficulty going to sleep, or wake up tired?
  • Have Back pains?
  • Have difficulty controlling their weight?
  • Have difficulty remembering important things?
  • Have difficulty gaining weight?
  • Tire easily?
  • Have irratic irritable outbursts?
  • Seem depressed and moody?
  • Experience tension, aches, and pains that don’t seem to have any physical basis?
  • Seem shallow and drained complexion?


If they have five of the above twelve symptoms, it is important that you integrate greater amounts of healing movement in your daily lifestyle.


An effective program of movement for increasing your healing powers should be enjoyable, fun and empowering.  This approach integrates a combination of visualization, stretching, toning, bending, and aerobics. These will increase strength, expand flexibility in the joints, increase circulation, strengthen the heart, center and focus the mind, bring a glow to the complexion, improve posture, and promote an emotional flow by freeing up body armoring in the connective tissue.


The commitment to this program requires about thirty minutes in the morning (time focused on physical movement), and ten minutes before bed: this time is focused on quiet contemplation.  It is more effective to practice intense physical movement and exercise in the morning because when done in the evening it may be over stimulating to the system


The combination of the morning and evening sections of the program will coordinate body and mind and produce greater feelings of peace, harmony, grace, and poise.



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