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The #1  Best Corporate Chair Massage Company in New York Offers Techniques to Bring Relief for Backaches

Here is a protocol from the NY Corporate Chair Massage Company – www.EventsChairMassage.com – for healing back pain

The NY corporate chair massage company also offers table massage

Preparation: Have your client turn over on his/her stomach. Stand at the left side of the table.  If working on a mat sit cross legged on the left side of the mat. Place a small pillow or a rolled-up towel under your client’s head so that the neck and head are even with the shoulders.  This will prevent any strain to the neck. The first technique you will be using is Gravity Rock along each side of the spine.  This technique will stimulate circulation and provide a sense of well-being to the whole body. As you become experienced you will begin to use this Technique to define problem areas in other parts of the body. With greater skill, you will feel heat or pulsation whenever your moving hand makes contact with a reflex point to an area of imbalance.

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Technique 2: Gravity Rock on Back

  1. Position yourself on your client’s left side and gently place your left hand at the base of the neck and your lower hand about six inches below it on the left side of the spine. Your hands should be lightly curved, with the fingertips barely resting on each contact point on the back. Now rock nine times using gentle pressure with the palms. Remember to rock gently. Do not press down on the spine.
  2. Move the bottom hand about four inches down the back on the left side of the spine, keeping the upper hand in the same place. Now gently rock.
  3. Continue moving the lower hand down the back in this manner about four inches each time, until you reach the base of your client’s sacrum.
  4. Now move your hands back to the starting position, but with your palms resting on the other side of the spine, about two inches away, and repeat the process.

Next apply Rhythmic Pressure Point contacts to the spine with your thumbs.

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Technique 3: Back

  1. Place your hands on your client’s back with the thumbs resting in the spinal groove. The top hand should be at the base of the neck with the bottom hand next to it, as in the Gravity Rock.
  2. Make sure to keep the upper thumb in place and move the lower thumb slowly down the back (taking care to stay in the spinal groove), applying firm Rhythmic Pressure down to the end of the spine. Apply pressure six times in each spot, moving the hand about four inches at a time.
  3. Move the hands to the other side of the spine, with the thumb in the spinal groove, and, starting at the top, repeat the process. Now apply Rhythmic Pressure with the thumbs in a circular motion on both sides of the spine.


Technique 4: Back

  1. Starting at the base of the neck, place one open hand on each side of the spine. Inhale and exhale slowly three times. Move down the spine with both palms, about four inches at a time, applying very light touch all the way to the end of the spine.


Technique 5: Connective Tissue De-armoring of the Back

  1. Start just below the bottom tip of the shoulder blade (scapula). Grasp the muscle between your thumb and the index finger of your left hand, close to the shoulder blade. Lift and squeeze as firmly as possible. As the flesh slides away, grab and squeeze it with your right hand. Repeat this movement, alternating hands, left to right, left to right and work down to the end of the spine. It may be a little difficult to do this on the lower back due to the tightness of the tissue, but give it a try.
  2. Now apply this Technique back up to the shoulder blade.
  3. Repeat Connective Tissue De-Armoring on the side of back.






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