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The #1 Best New York City Mobile Chair Massage Company Explores  Creating the Best Environment for Massage in Corporate Wellness and Health Fairs


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One of the keys to healing with your hands is to create a healing environment. There are many effective tools for this purpose.  Some of these tools have to do with the external environment and there is also the inner healing space.  There are tools that will help you to come in contact with what many Shamans call “the light within us that heals.”  Through learning about and making use of these tools you will discover how your healing abilities can evolve through the simple act of touching.

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The External Healing Space

There are three surfaces that you may choose from for hands on healing. These are a professional therapist’s table, a floor mat and a massage chair.


The Massage Table

Professional healing tables are generally of the stationary or portable variety. They should at a minimum be 6 ft in length and 28 inches wide with a face cradle and thick foam.  Portable tables are the most popular because they can be folded in half and transported and are easier to store than the stationary models.  There are many additional details that can be purchased with a table this of course increases the price so for starters I recommend the most basic models.  The essentials of any sturdy table should include: cable supports on the legs for strength and stability, manual height adjustment, a face cradle, a washable vinyl covering, and thick padding for support and comfort.


On-Site Chairs

Some people are reluctant to get massage because they are uncomfortable lying on a table or removing their clothing. Until the middle 1970s this posed an almost insurmountable problem for the massage therapist. However in the last few years various massage techniques have become popular that do not require the removal of clothing.  Thanks to a massage therapist named David Palmer people no longer have to lie on a table to get massage and bodywork.  David invented the original Portable professional massage chair. This tool is a great alternative to the table massage.  Some people are required to sit upright, such as individuals with hypertension, certain circulatory, respiratory or heart conditions, people with limited mobility and women in the last trimester of pregnancy. Chair massage is great for them.  There are many different models of professional massage chairs. If you contact different companies they can send you photographs and informational brochures on their products.


If you are not prepared to purchase a professional chair but would like to work with your client in a sitting position you can use an armless straight back chair. Simply place some pillows on the front of the upright portion of the chair. Now have your client face the back of the chair and lean against the pillows.  In this position you can comfortably massage your client’s head, neck, shoulders and back as well as their arms. Another approach is to place a pillow on a desk or table and have your client sit on a stool and place their head on the pillow. There are also various types of foam head support that are designed to be place on desks or tables.  These can usually be purchased from the same companies that sell massage chairs and tables.

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Massage Mats

The simplest, easiest and least expensive way to practice Shaman is on a futon or exercise mat.  Mats are light and thus easy to travel with. They require nothing more than a clean sanitary sheet and are easy to use for infants and young children.  If you are working on an individual in a wheelchair or with a physical disability that makes moving onto a table or massage chair difficult a mat is a perfect choice.


Draping Material

A twin size flat white cotton sheet or a large bath towel can be used to cover your client during the session. White and 100% cotton is best because cotton blends and the dyes used to color the sheets may cause allergic reactions in some people.


Room Temperature

Unless you are using a specific coolness or heat quality as part of the Shamanic experience it is best to keep the room at about 75 degrees F.


Massage Oil or Cream

Massage oils serve two fundamental purposes for the advanced practitioner. One is as a lubrication and second, for the inherent healing properties in the oil.



Certain massage techniques require that the hands glide smoothly over the skin. Up until the l970’s most massage therapists used mineral oil as a liquid lubricant and cornstarch or talc as a dry lubricant.  As more massage therapists developed an interest in natural healing talc and mineral oil (which is a petroleum by-product) fell out of favor and were replaced by plant-derived oils and lubricant creams.  One of the benefits of plant-based oils is that they serve well as carriers for aromatic oils that may be used to create an altered state of consciousness. They can also be stored in a plastic squeeze bottle and are not as messy as creams. The bottle also keeps the oil free of contamination.


In recent years some massage therapists have begun to use what is called dry oil; a silicone based, non-oily, quick-drying product.  I have not been drawn to these since I find the plant-based fixed oils serve as the most effective carrying agent for aromatic oils, which are valuable in Chi based Massage. The exception to this is for those clients who react allergenically to plant-based oils but are able to accept the dry oil lubricant.


Commercial massage creams or oils should be made from simple, natural, plant-derived ingredients.  However, this is not always the case. While exploring pharmacies and toiletry stores I have often found massage oils and creams that have a petroleum base, various artificial colors, preserving agents and other undesirable ingredients. Though naturally based oils can go rancid if not stored properly a few drops of vitamin E in a newly purchased bottle of oil should extend his life and many aromatic oils will keep rancidity from setting in as well.

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