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The #1 Best NYC Corporate Chair Massage Company Technique  – Skin Rolling


 Trade show exhibitors and event planners need powerful technique for freeing up emotional trauma. Among Mongolian Shamans it is a common belief that muscles “remember” early fears, traumas and painful experiences.  The traumas, and the muscular tensions they create, remain intimately linked until they are released from the body through careful, skilled manipulation.  It is thought by many teachers, that each type of fear is stored in a different part of the body.   For example, fear of loss would be stored in the lower back; of being overburdened would be stored in the upper back and shoulders; worries and expectations in the scalp; thoughts of inadequacy in the thighs.  Rolling each area opens the way for positive emotions and feelings of love.

It is essential that in practicing effective energetic massage that trapped “chi” be released from the points at which the tendons attach them to the bone. When this is done the body will operate more freely, with the muscles and bones working in alignment rather than against each other. This is commonly called breaking through the body armor.   Among the benefits to be achieved by using skin rolling in combination with Circular Pressure Point Massage are:

  • A shift in body structure
  • Reduction of old stress patterns
  • Creation of new postural patterns postures,

Step 1:

Take the skin and place it between your thumb and your index and middle finger.


Step 2:

Lift it gently and begin to roll it in long, vertical strokes.


Note: This technique will be easy in some areas of your body but in other areas the skin will not release from the underlying tissue. As you continue to practice this technique the skin will release. In time this technique will open certain doors for emotional expression and free up the emotional memory. The physical benefits of skin rolling include increased circulation, greater elasticity to the skin and a more youthful appearance.






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