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The #1 Mobil Chair Massage Techniques for Relieving Repetitive Stress Injuries

 When working with peripheral joints (Joints of the arms, legs, hands, and feet) deep manipulation should initially not be applied when a lesion (trauma) is active. We do this at www.eventschairmassage.com. You can recognize if there is an active legion when it is painful even when there is no movement..  There will usually also be a pain to the affected joint when it is placed in a position where it must bear weight although there is no movement of that joint).     

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Never force a bending movement on a stiff elbow, especially directly after the time of injury or trauma.  Attempting to stretch out the joint during massage will reduce rather than increase the range of motion.  Inappropriate manipulation of the elbow joint can result in a painful condition called “myositis ossificans of the brachialis muscle.”  In tennis elbow Range of Motion is appropriate once the swelling is reduced.

– To correct general imbalances and increase movement in the wrist, hands, and fingers use firm Rhythmic Pressure Point Massage and Muscle Kneading on the muscles of the lower arm.

-To correct general imbalances in the wrist after surgery use Muscle Kneading not only on the wrist, but also on the entire arm.

– To correct general imbalances in the arm and hands use Muscle Kneading on the neck on the same side of the body as where the pain is.

-Reduce muscle aches and cramps in the hands by applying Muscle Kneading on the forearm, palm of hand, and each finger.

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Water balancing techniques for the arms and hands 1. Increase circulation to hands through Òwater balancing Ò.  This increases the flow of nutrients to damaged tissue while removing cellular waste.

2. To use water to normalize a chi imbalance in the hands, alternate hot and cold hand soaks.

3. Prepare two pans of water, approximately 106 degrees, the cold approximately 40 degrees. 

4. Place hands first in the hot water for about two minutes. 

5. Then place them in the cold water for about fifteen seconds. 

6. Repeat process three times. 

Remember: Always start with hot water and finish with cold.


        CAUTION:  Do not use hot water when there is inflammation.


Tennis Elbow

Correcting tennis elbow requires strength building movement, while increasing flexibility, and endurance in your forearm, shoulder and inflamed elbow.


        – Apply an ice pack to the elbow, ten minutes on and five minutes off.

        – Gently use a soft approach to increasing joint motion technique by gently rotating your wrist twelve times clockwise and twelve times counterclockwise. 




Try these other three motion exercises: 


1. Place your wrist on a table, about two inches in from the edge, palm facing down. Now raise your hand up and down, using the greatest range of motion. 


2. A similar movement is to place your wrist on the table, palm up, and repeat the up-and-down movement. 


Do each of these movements three times daily, performing twenty-five lifts each time.  By increasing the range of motion you will help correct the elbow problem by developing the supporting muscles in the forearm.


Pressure Point Massage To Heal The Elbow

        1. Apply Rhythmic Pressure Point Massage to all of the soft tissue surrounding the elbow for about three minutes several times a day.


        To relieve arthritic conditions:

        1.  Increase the application of the Joint Motion Technique on finger joints, wrists, and elbows.

        2. Apply Rhythmic Pressure Point Massage to the area around the problem joints.



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