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The #1 Rated Mobile NYC Chair Massage Program Director discusses Stress Management and the Body-Mind Problem

When my team at the NYC Chair Massage Company – www.eventschairmassage.com – offers stress management programs we are always concerned with which come first; the body or the mind.

The need to know the unknowable and to conquer the unconquerable are perhaps the most basic and inherent of human impulses.

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Isn’t it amazing how much is written and spoken of concerning the mind, yet the mind is not directly observable?

Each human being can only prove the existence of his or her own mind, and from a scientific perspective, no one can directly access the thoughts of another.

How do we even know that others have minds as we do other than the assumption that by the seeming similarity of fundamental thought, language, and behavior?  There is also the factor of reciprocal social interaction and an understanding of the ways in which others’ express emotion.

Social scientists have come up with a fundamental theory related to the mind that can be learned so that we may be able to predict or explain the actions of others and get an accurate sense of their intentions. This theory is known as the Theory of Mind.  It is believed by most social scientists that the theory of mind is an inborn potential ability in humans.  Over time, training and experience will bring this talent to fruition.  Different people may develop, more or less, effective theories of mind.

So what exactly is the mind? A technical definition of the mind covers a wide range of functions and activities including aspects of the intellect and consciousness.  These are manifested as combinations of thought, perception, memory, emotion, will, and imagination. “Mind” is the stream of consciousness and includes all of the brain’s conscious and unconscious processes.  “Mind” is often used to refer to the thought processes of reason, thus a person acting without reason might be accused of “being out of his mind.”

Once one has done due diligence to mathematics Game theory, something you will learn more about later in the book ultimately becomes a type of mind game. It is no simple task to create a game when the playing field of the mind is such an enigma. The human mind is perhaps the greatest of all mysteries. It is at the center of our very existence and yet we are not really sure what it is or how it functions.  We cannot master the mystery of the mind, and yet many of us want to understand what it is and where it is.

This “mind” thing really was becoming a problem for me. I decided to make up my own working definition of thought and the mind just so I could get my game into play.  Here is my definition of thought. What is thought? It is a private conversation between the two sides, or among many of ourselves that go on inside our heads.  We make up our minds, change our minds, or are of two minds about something.  Will we ever really capture the mind? Who can know? After all the mind is a private sphere to which no one but the owner has access.  No one else can know another’s mind.  They can only know what we communicate from the depths of it.

Yet within this mystery, and as a result of much research, study, meditation, self-assessment and conversations with my support team and mentors, there were a few qualities of the mind that we all agreed were pretty constant. By remembering these few things I was ready to create and play the game I wanted. I was ready to write, produce, direct, and star in the movie of my life- not the rerun of the life I had lived, but a rewrite and remake.




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Lewis Harrison – is a massage therapist, motivational speaker  – www.Nostressspeaker.com – writer, mentor, success and wealth coach, and an entrepreneur specializing in problem-solving and strategizing based on game thinking, applied game theory, and Game Thinking.

He is the author of over twenty-two books published in five languages.

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