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The #1 Rated Mobile NYC Chair Massage Program talks about the Leg Pain

At the New York City Chair Massage Company we offer the most professional office massage services and tradeshows event massage in NYC and Toronto.

Here are tips for correcting shin splints:

  • Sit with the painful leg elevated as much as possible
  • Apply Circular Pressure Massage on the shin
  • Rub an ice bag up and down shins. Do this for five minutes on and five minutes off. Do six alternating cycles of ice massage (thirty minutes.)

Relaxing tight muscles, relieve congested muscles, and increase circulation for the entire leg:

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  • By using the palm to apply deep Pressure Point work. Do this by pressing the palm of the hand down the entire leg, working on the front, back and side of the thigh and the back and side of the calf.
  • Follow with Muscle Kneading on the entire leg, working on the front, back, and side of the thigh and the back and side of the calf.


Note: It is important that you do not put pressure on the shin bone or the knee

Release restricted “chi” in the lower leg by applying this Polarity Similar Technique:

  • Place your index finger on the shoulder and the middle finger of your other hand on the hip.
  • Place your index finger on the elbow and the middle finger of your other hand on the knee.
  • Release restricted “chi” in the thigh, by using the Gravity Rock Technique. Place one hand on any tender point about one-half to one inch on the inside of the pelvic bone. With the other hand, grasp the thigh firmly, without squeezing too hard, and begin to rock thigh muscles from side to side while pressing firmly but not too deeply on the pelvic points.


After an injury, use the following methods to strengthen the knee:

  • For the first twenty-four hours, use an elastic brace on the knee when the leg is in use. However, try to stay off the leg as much as possible.
  • For most minor injuries to the knee, apply cold water or ice packs for twenty-four hours, stay off the leg, and elevate the knee. When using ice or cold water packs apply for twenty minutes and then remove for fifteen. After ice packs have been used for twenty-four hours, apply warm castor-oil packs. (Some people have reported positive results from DMSO, a waste product of the wood pulp industry.  There have been claims of therapeutic benefit from its use, particularly in cases where surgery seemed to be the only course of action.)
  • Strengthen the quadriceps muscles by flexing or contracting the thigh muscle against the resistance of the hand. The quadriceps is the group of muscles that stabilize the knees.
  • Apply arnica lotion right after the strain or injury takes place. This herbal lotion is available in health-food stores
  • Many knee injuries incurred today are the result of poor running and jogging habits, the worst of which is wearing poorly designed and poorly fitted shoes. To prevent knee injuries, if you run or jog, even occasionally, you should invest in a good pair of runner’s shoes. Runners with knee problems should not exert any pressure on the knee or do exercises that cause you to bend your leg.



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