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The Best #1 Mobile NYC Chair Massage Program Reduces Back Pain for Clients at Health Fairs with Acupressure

When our team at the NYC Chair Massage Company – www.eventschairmassage.com – offers stress management programs we are always concerned with wellness, posture and back pain. The key to all of this is the skin.

#1 corporate chair massage. Great for Javit’s Center trade shows

In recent years research has shown that placing pressure on acupressure points in the skill can affect the functioning of our internal organs which of course help reduce stress and increase efficiency. This concept is key to all corporate wellness programs

Most of us are not aware of the fact that the skin is actually an organ – the largest organ of the body. The surface area of the skin has a vast number of sensory receptors. These receive stimuli of heat, cold, touch, pre sure, and pain. A small circular area of skin the size of a quarter contains more than:

* 3 million cells,

* 100 sweat glands,

* 50 nerve endings,

*3 feet of blood vessels.

It is estimated that there are over:

* 50 receptors per 100 square millimeters of skin,

* a total of 640,000 sensory receptors

* A total of from 7 to 135 Tactile points per square centimeter.

* Well over half a million sensory fibers entering the spinal cord by the posterior roots via the skin.

This soft outer covering, common to all vertebrates. Is composed of made up of multiple layers of ectodermal tissue one of what are called the germ layers. It is these layers in the fetus that eventually give rise to all of our tissues, organs and organs. The outmost layer of skin is known as the the epidermis It is the epidermis  layers that guard the underlying musclesbonesligaments and internal organs. It is our skin that interfaces with the environment and is the first line of defense from external factors. Protecting our bodies from  pathogens and excessive water loss. It does the later by insulation, temperature regulation, sensation, and the production of vitamin D folates.

The thickness of skin also varies from location to location on an organism and thus responds to the internal and external environment diifferently.

Keratinocytes are the major cells, constituting 95% of the epidermis, while the remaining 5% are made up of specialized cells.   The structure and functions of the  epidermis are so sophisticated amnd multi-facted that anatomists further subdivid it  into five  strata or layers (beginning with the outermost layer). These are called


The epidermis contains no blood vessels, and cells in the deepest layers are nourished by diffusion from blood capillaries extending to the upper layers of the dermis. Throughout our live we form new skin cells as we “shed” the old ones. Within this process  keratin proteins and lipids are produced which contribute to the formation of an extracellular matrix and provide mechanical strength to the skin.

Studies show healthy employees are more productive, have fewer health care costs, and lower absentee rates.


Body-mind explorations as practiced by the NYC Corporate Chair Massage Company – www.eventschairmassage.com – integrates corporate stress management with touch, bodywork, movement and chair massage.



Lewis Harrison – is a massage therapist, motivational speaker  – www.Nostressspeaker.com – writer, mentor, success and wealth coach, and an entrepreneur specializing in problem solving and strategizing  based on game thinking, applied game theory and Game Thinking.

He is the author of over twenty-two books published in five languages.

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Chair Massage can help increase productivity for any business. Here is a great video on how to do Chair Massage.


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