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Tips from the #1 NYC Chair Massage Company

Tips from the #1 NYC Chair Massage Company

To increase the effect of a corporate chair massage session and to reduce the necessity of seeing a client over multiple visits over a long period of time certain techniques can be used.  The goal, of course, is to maintain the newfound painless range of motion that the massage has created.  The best way of doing this is to have the client move the affected muscle to a maximum state of contraction without creating great resistance on the said muscle.  This is done by placing the involved joint is a relaxed and or fixed position and then moving the muscle.  The more recent the injury the more any stress on the injured area should be avoided.

When working with the reduction of adhesions as the goal deep manipulation is almost always a necessity.  If tenderness and soreness results after a session you should wait two or three days between sessions but you should not reduce the deepness of the technique for it is the deepness of the transverse movement which offers the structural effects.

Note: Most treatments should take place at a minimum of once every two or three days and at a maximum of once every six or seven days.  It is impossible to determine a course of treatment at the beginning of a professional relationship since the range of treatment will depend on the effect of the approach. It is taken on a step by step basis as well as the willingness of the client to maintain a regular therapeutic program at home under the therapist’s direction.  The more responsibility that is taken the more rapid the progress.  Also, it must be remembered that a therapy program may be very short if the elevation of pain or increased range of movement is all that is desired.  If however, the desired program is one which intends to create greater integrity of posture, flexibility and general structural balance than a regular long-term program, potentially lasting even into years may be appropriate.


Instructions for Clients:

It is important to take enough time with each client so that they are able to understand what you are doing and why.  Avoid the use of words and language that your client cannot understand.  Make sure that all directions for home therapy are written in a way that is understandable for the client.  The clearer the instructions the faster and more satisfactory the results will be.  Each session should include enough time for adequate bodywork on the table, floor work and movement therapy, post-therapy breathing and rest period for the client. Enough time should be left for dialogue and questions and answers between client and practitioner.





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