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Massage at your event or officeCorporate Chair Massage


“Tension dissolves as this short relaxing session renews your ability to concentrate. Best of all, customers remain fully clothed and comfortably seated during the session.” – Lewis Harrison, Founder of The Chair Massage Company

CHAIR MASSAGE is a method of muscle manipulation, pressure point therapy and energy balancing applied to specific points throughout the body while the client is comfortably seated in a chair specifically designed for this purpose.

What makes chair massage different from other more familiar table-based massage techniques?

  • The session is performed at your location so no time is lost in transit.
  • During the session, the client is positioned fully clothed (no disrobing is required) and
    comfortably seated in a specially designed massage chair.
  • Chair Massage is un-intrusive. If needed, elegant Japanese screens may be added to
    create a semi-private place to set up.
  • No oil or cream is used during the session.
  • In just 5 – 15 minutes, the client can experience complete relaxation through the release of
    stress and tension.
  • Special attention is focused on the 7 most common high-stress areas including the scalp,
    neck, shoulders, back, arms, hands and feet.
  • The client’s appearance is not disturbed so they can return to work immediately.

On-Site Chair Massage can provide a relaxing and therapeutic experience for your staff and clientele in many ways including:

  • Relief from aching muscles
  • Soothing nerves & boosting morale
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Heightened productivity
  • Reduction of stress and tension

Click on this video and learn what Seated Corporate Chair Massage can do for your company or group if you are based in the USA or Canada


If you are based in the United States the largest and highest rated #1 Corporate Chair Massage service is the National Chair Massage Network and our New York affiliate the New York Chair Massage Company.

Call us at the National Chair Massage Company for a price quote at 212-724-8782 or email us here ->>>