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How far in advance should we schedule with you?
It all depends on the location and size of your event. Smaller events requiring one or two therapists in larger cities require only minimal notice.

Larger events and events in multiple cities or in remote locations, generally require a minimum of 2 weeks notice, but call us anyway at 212-724-8782. If we can accommodate your needs on short notice we’ll be glad to.

How many massage-therapists will I need for my event?
The number of therapists needed for your event will be defined by various factors including: available space; your budget; how many people you would like to receive massage. Generally, each therapist can work on five people per hour. Call or e-mail us and we’ll help you define the best strategy.

Where do you find your bodywork/massage therapists?
Our therapists have extensive training in a multiplicity of techniques including shiatsu, polarity, acupressure, reflexology, Swedish massage and corporate chair massage. They are skilled in creating a successful result even the in the most challenging convention and trade show environments. Whether a large or small event they get the job done.

Our body workers and therapists are certified and insured according to the requirements of your city, county or state.

How long should the massage sessions be?
For conventions, trade-shows and events, we recommend starting with 5-8 minute chair massage sessions with adjustments according to traffic volume.

How do you create a customized taped message?
Audio presentations are a highly effective a way to deliver your message during an on-site massage session.

You provide a written copy of your marketing message and our audio production team will integrate it with our relaxing background sounds. We also provide copywriters, if needed, to help create your message.

The therapists provide the audio with CD players at your event. Studies show that when a person is relaxed, they absorb and retain more information. This is a cutting edge approach to getting you message across.

Not always, but they may be of value at larger events. Let us know what your needs are and we’ll include an attendant in the quote.

What do the therapists wear?
The massage therapists can wear Chair Massage Company Uniforms or they can wear promotional items, branded clothing or hats and shirts provided by the sponsor. Bear in mind is that the therapist needs to be comfortable and able to move easily. We can also provide custom branded shirts & promotional items for your event for an additional charge.

How about electric foot massagers?
Electronic foot massagers are available for a nominal fee (including a one-time nominal shipping fee applies.) Foot massagers are an effective way to keep people in your booth longer so they can hear and see your message.

What’s your cancellation/refund policy?
A full refund will be provided for all cancellations made at least 7 days  prior to the event start time. Once an event is confirmed, cancellation will be subject to a fee equal to 20% of total invoice for that day.
Cancellations received less than 24 hours before a confirmed event are subject to a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the invoice total.

What is the best way to offer Chair Massage- in a separate room or out in the open?
It all depends on the layout of your space or office. For certain situations, a private space with soothing music is the way to go. In trade shows or at parties it is best to put the massage chair in the center of the action. On-Site Chair Massage can be a real party starter.

Are there any minimum requirements for bookings?
As a rule, we usually ask for a minimum of two hours with one practitioner to make a booking.


The National Massage Company is the largest network of massage therapists in the United States?

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