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The #1 Rated Mobile NYC Chair Massage Program Reduces Back Pain  for Clients at Health Fairs

When my team at the NYC Chair Massage Company – www.eventschairmassage.com – offers stress management programs we are always concerned with posture and back pain. Here is a simple technique to help back pain.


#1 corporate chair massage. Great for Javit’s Center trade shows


: Muscle Kneading to the back of the legs.

  1. Place both hands on the back of your client’s thigh (these are the hamstring muscles), immediately below the buttocks. Starting with the lower hand, firmly take a portion of the thigh between the thumb and fingers and knead it moving down the knee. Now knead the calf muscles moving towards the ankle. If you find this technique awkward imagine you are kneading dough. It is the same motion.
  2. Repeat the kneading motion on the other leg.

Note: Do not knead directly on the ankles since these are bony areas and kneading is not effective when applied to bony areas.

Studies show healthy employees are more productive, have fewer health care costs, and lower absentee rates.

Body-mind explorations as practiced by the NYC Corporate Chair Massage Company – www.eventschairmassage.com – integrates corporate stress management with touch, bodywork, movement and chair massage.



Lewis Harrison – is a massage therapist, motivational speaker  – www.Nostressspeaker.com – writer, mentor, success and wealth coach, and an entrepreneur specializing in problem-solving and strategizing based on game thinking, applied game theory, and Game Thinking.

He is the author of over twenty-two books published in five languages.

If you are interested in business success in life coaching, stress management or corporate chair massage you need to read Lewis’ recently published business books.

You can find books on game theory and business success here:

This course and all the offerings on www.RealUGuru.com  focus on the application of applied game thinking, gamification, decision science, positive psychology, happiness,  and visionary thinking to solve basic, complex and extreme problems. He is the creator of a free course on business success and human potential.

Here is a short interview with Lewis;


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Today’s stress management blog is presented  by a grant from Events  Chair Massage –www.EventschairMasssage.com –  a company that offers Corporate Chair Massage and Stress Management Services to meeting planner, event planners, party planners and HR for Trade show booths throughout the United States.

Chair Massage can help increase productivity for any business. Here is a great video on how to do Chair Massage.


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